Sunday, June 4, 2017

Born Pretty Holo Galaxy flakes

Born Pretty Holo Galaxy flakes

Today I’m going to show you something I’ve been wanting to try for a while: Holo flakes!

The flakes are super blingy and beautiful.
They come in a little jar and there’s an applicator included as well. Here’s the set:

I have been eager to try this for a while but I was told that it only works on gel polish. I don’t use gel polish so I thought I never get to try it. Then I read that Dance Legend’s glitter base works for the purpose as well. I was thrilled! Now I finally get to try the flakes!

And dear readers, it worked! I applied a layer of glitter base and let it dry. Then I dipped the applicator into the jar of flakes and dapped it onto my nails. Dip and dap, dip and dap, no hassle, just dip and dap.

Here’s the result of all the dipping and dapping:

I ended up with flakes everywhere! First I tried to brush the excess flakes off my skin but that was very effective. Instead I removed the flakes on my skin with tape – that worked like a charm! 

My pictures here are taken before I applied topcoat because I wasn’t quite sure how the flakes would react to that. I did topcoat them afterwards though and that didn’t cause any problems at all; and I just used an ordinary topcoat, no water based stuff here.