Saturday, October 15, 2011

A couple of newbies

Hi again!

I just wanted to show you the result of spending an hour in a Swedish mall. It must have been *the* most boring mall I've ever seen, but they did have a huge Hennes & Mauritz store in there, and I was very lucky that they actually had nail polish on special. O Happy Day!! :D

Here's what I bought:

 Three of H&M's own brand. 

From left to right: 
Black: "Manhunter", Blue: "Moody Model" and Magenta: "Soaked in Purple". 
All cremes, and nice looking colours, too. I've been reading lots of good stuff about H&M's own brand in nail polish, so I'm looking very much forward to trying these on.

  From left to right: 
Hello Kitty: "Pink Summer", H&M: "Sea Pearl" and Daisy Duck: "Daisy".

I'm not really into white or greyish colours, so I'll be using those two for frankening, which will be fun! 

Nice little stash, right? :)


  1. Very nice stash! I like the blue and pinks :-)

  2. Thank you. :) That's the colours I like best too, and I'm looking so much forward to trying them on! :D

  3. I really like the Manhunter and Moody Model.

  4. Thanks! I don't own many cremes, but I've got some stamping gear on the way in the post, and I thought they would make a perfect base for stamping. :)