Thursday, October 27, 2011

H & M ~ Cherry

Hi again girls. :)

I am still in stamping mood. I am so fascinated by this technique, because it's so easy to apply that little "extra" that lifts a nail polish up to a higher level. 

This time I applied a cheap nail polish from H&M, namely "Cherry". It's a deep, dark red creme, and to me it's a true winter polish. The colour is so good with my skin tone. I'm naturally pale, and dusty, golden tones are just not my colours, however pretty they may be on others.

I applied the polish, and I must admit I was surprised over how pretty it is, and how easy it was to apply. It's a relatively thick polish, and had I been more precise in applying it, I could have been able to go with one coat only. I applied two, and was very happy with it.

The durability isn't the best - I had my first chip the day after applying, which is a pain. But I look at it from the bright side: It allows me to try some other stamping designs sooner. :)

Anyway - moving right on to the stamping part. 

I chose a design with four little stars from Konad's M3 plate. I am still trying to learn how to place the designs in the same spot on each nail, but until I'm good at that, I allow uneven-ness on my nails. :D

I really like this design! It's simple and cute.

I need a piece of advice though: How do you avoid that the designs streak when you apply the top coat? I waited for a long time before applying the top coat, and the brush still pulled on the design. :/


  1. If you are using konad special polish it ALWAYS streaks! but if you are using regular polish, just use a thick layer and put it on with no fiddling-like one stroke. To place them all in the same way-I start the stamper on one side of my nail and roll it in-seems to work for me-hope this helps

  2. Thanks a lot. I did use Konad's special polish, and found it very weird that it streaked because I waited for a long time before putting on the top coat.
    I'll definitely try it your way, I really appreciate your advice! :)

  3. I'm not a red polish person, but this looks good on you!

  4. Thank you! :) I was surprised myself at how pleased I ended up being with this little bottle of red.

  5. Yeah, it's not my favorite color, but it really suits you! ♥

  6. Thank you, that's so sweet of you to say. ♥

  7. Love this combo. I seriously love this design too, it's simple but fun. I can't wait to get my hands on the konad plates I ordered!

  8. Thank you :)
    It's the waiting time that's the worst! :D