Saturday, October 29, 2011

Nfu Oh and where not to shop

Nfu Oh. I am told that it's pronounced "En foo oh". :)

I've been fascinated by the brand for a long time. I've seen such beautiful swatches of the various colours and effects it comes in, and the bottle alone is stunning! I knew that I needed a couple of Nfu Oh's in my collection. 

Trouble is, that Denmark is not the best country to live in when it comes to nail polishes. What we have is *very* expensive (compared to what I see you pay for polishes in other countries), and the range of brands is limited. So most of my nail polish shopping is done on online. Next problem is import taxes. If I want to avoid big taxes then I have to shop from a country within the EU. I see what you guys can buy from US sites, and I tell you that I am envious! :D

Enough about that, I actually managed to find Nfu Oh on a German site, and I decided not to limit myself. I just bought the ones I found pretty, and here's the stash: 

The bottles are just gorgeous. I love the way they're shaped. So elegant and pretty. And the colours are stunning! I'm totally in love! <3

A bad thing happened though. When I opened number 61, it was all lumpy and thick and the holo effect was non existent. It was obviously a bad or old bottle of polish. Totally unusable. I took pictures of it - take a look: 

 It's easy to see that it's unusable! :/

I sent the pics to the website owner and asked if they wanted me to return the bottle, or if they would just send me a new one. Imagine my surprise when they refused to send me a replacement one, or any refund. They said that the reason why the bottle of polish was reduced in price was because it wasn't the same quality as Nfu Oh usually are, and that they specifically had been writing that on their website. 

I must admit that I hadn't seen that on their website. Whether it's because it wasn't there when I shopped or because I just didn't notice is irrelevant to me. Fact is that I received a nail polish that is unusable. Reduced quality (or whatever we call it) can possibly be OK, but totally unusable is definitely not OK.

So I won't bother trying any more to get them to send a new bottle of polish or a refund, despite the fact that I'm pretty sure that they would ultimately have to, according to consumer protection laws. I'll just send them a link to this blogpost, and then warn you all against shopping for anything at all on this site: It seems unlikely that you will get what you pay for, if you do. And no one likes to be cheated, right?

Thanks for your time.


  1. oh no that sucks about their customer service, unacceptable and yes you are right, product is unfit for purpose, they have to refund you or replace it by law. x

  2. I must admit that it upset me a lot. Selling stuff that's unusable is unethical and illegal and that's why I put this post up. Thanks for your support! x

  3. try but am not sure they ship international. And yes that's a load of crap I would try to contact their government and complain.

  4. Have you tried adding nail-polish thinner? That would be the last resource to try to get it back to the right consistency.

    I also recommend, since that's the only place where I get my Nfu Ohs from. Although, the 61 I got didn't seem to be as holographic as other photos of it that I've seen. It might be a different batch, but at least my bottle was useable!

  5. This is completely unacceptable and should not be happening - I'll spread the word. ♥

  6. Fingers ~ Thank you, I'll check out the link, and yes, that's definitely a load of crap and I got *very* upset about it!

    Swatch And Learn ~ I haven't tried adding thinner yet, but I'm going to. If that doesn't work, I'll clean the bottle and use it for a Frankenpolish.

    Alice Snow ~ Thank you so much, I appreciate it! ♥

  7. That sucks... But I know that #61 looks like a no holo in the bottle but once you put it on your nails it's "Hello holo" :) Mine was like that, maybe yours is too!

  8. Desiré ~ I need to find a way to get it out of the bottle first, before I can try that. :D

  9. Thanks for the heads up about the company. That sucks they will not send you another bottle or refnd.

  10. LOL Okay it's that bad.... :( Hope you can fix it with some thinner!

  11. imfeelingnail-venturous ~ Thanks. I thought it would be helpful to others to warn them against this company's lack of customer service.

    Desiré ~ I'll give it a go for sure, thanks for the advice. :)

  12. Prøv thinner jeg bruger altid den fra Opi og den er perfekt til formålet, det kan dog godt være du lige skal bruge en orange stick til at få det løsnet med (hvis det er meget stift).

  13. Super idé, det vil jeg kigge efter næste gang jeg neglelak-shopper. Og ja, jeg får helt klart behov for at løsne neglelakken først.
    Tak for inputtet! :)

  14. Tænk... Tænk at der findes mennesker der kan få sig selv til at drive den slags forrretning... Målløs!!!!
    Og nu forstår jeg, hvorfor du har "behov" for at købe flere holoer ;-)

    1. Ja, jeg må indrømme, at jeg blev noget overrasket over, at de nægtede at løse problemet.
      Jeg har stadig flasken stående, fuld a stivnet holo, så må vi se om jeg kan gøre noget ved den på et tidspunkt, når jeg gider :D
      Indtil da vil jeg vente i spænding på, at Gosh kommer med deres flotte holo! :D