Monday, October 31, 2011

Hello Kitty ~ Pink

Hello Kitty Nail polish
A pink crème

Here I am again

It’s time to try the Hello Kitty nail polish that I bought when I was in Sweden.
I don’t own many pinks, and especially not pink crèmes, but I’m a huge Hello Kitty fan, so I bought it anyway. I decided that if I didn’t like it, I would use it to make frankenpolishes out of, plus I really liked the bottle.

I applied two coats, and it took what seemed like forever before each layer was dry. It was very easy to apply though, no streaks or bald spots whatsoever.

This is definitely a colour that could grow on me. It reminds me of candy and bubblegum, and it’s not at all boring.

The pic shows 2 coats, no topcoat. Nice, eh?

Anyway - moving right on to the stamping part. Since stamping is new to me, there’s no way I can leave a crème like it is – it *has* to have some kind of decoration! I chose an all-nail design with flowers from Konad's M73 plate.

It doesn’t actually cover the entire thumbnail, which is weird. I don’t have particularly long or big nails, so I wonder what girls with longer nails do to cover it all.

Anyway – this design reminds me a bit of china – you know, the porcelain stuff :)

Hello Kitty:
Opacity: 8/10
Colour, prettiness: 7/10
Durability: 8/10
Value for money: 7/10
Overall: 7.5/10
Buy again: Yes


  1. That stamp really does look like that porcelain dish! I am not a pink fan-but the stamping is cool!!!

  2. Pink is not my favourite colour in nail polish either, and I believe that's why they invented stamping. :D

  3. I am a huge pink fan so of course I love this color and I adore hello kitty so this is a double win for me, cute stamping too!

  4. I'm a big Hello Kitty fan myself, so I just had to have this pretty bottle.
    Thank you. :)