Wednesday, September 25, 2013

BB Couture ~ Briquette and CrowsToes ~ Absolum - Your Potions Master

BB Couture ~ Briquette
Dark grey with silver shimmer

So, here’s another BB Couture polish I bought. I’ve had mixed experiences with the two I’ve already got, so let’s see how this third one manages.

Briquette is a lovely charcoal with silver shimmer, and it’s from the “6 shades of Grey” collection.

The formula was really cool, and I had no problems with application. I applied two coats to reach desired opacity, and the drying time was pretty good too. I applied a layer of H K Girl topcoat, for the pictures:

See that shimmer? It’s subtle but it still adds so much to the polish!

And the grey is really lovely; I never thought I should say that about a grey, but it really is! 

You know that I was probably a peacock in a previous life; I love bling and glitter, so what would I need such a colour for? It’s an easy question to answer! I shall use this for nail art, and mainly as underwear for other polishes. Lots of polishes need underwear, and you know I’m not that crazy about black, so this is perfect!

Let me show you an example! I also bought CrowsToes “Absolum – Your Potions Master”. That’s a multicoloured glitter. I see orange, two shades of blues, silver and black, and what colour would you possibly layer this glitter over if not black? I can tell you that: A dark grey :D

The glitter is dense, and I actually think I could make this opaque in two coats! I applied one, and it was easy to spread the glitter out. The amount of glitter you see on each nail is one dip in the polish! When I had done all the nails, I applied one coat of gelous to even out the bumpiness and then one layer of H K Girl topcoat.

I think the grey underneath suits the glitter perfectly! It doesn’t take away the attention from all the bling. Nice!

The glitter also contains long black bar glitters. I don’t usually like bar glitters because they remind me of bits of hair, but here they just seem to fit in perfectly!

One last shot because I really like this!

Ahh... I love my glitter! ♥

I bought these polishes from

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  1. LOL I feel the same way about greys, but sometimes there is one that does surprise...
    But I do imagine you loved it even more with the glitter on *cough, cough* ;)

    1. I never thought I should like a grey, but this one definitely did the trick. And yes! I did love it more with the glitter. I love pretty much everything more with glitter! :D

  2. I'm a big fan of grays despite not having many :P This is a stunning combo!

    1. I was very pleased with both the colour, the shimmer and the formula, so this was definitely a good buy :) And thanks!!

  3. Oooh I love the combo! You're right, that gray is the perfect base for the colorful glitters! :D

    ~ Yun

  4. You certainly made that grey polish come to LIFE with the glitters!

  5. And the set of greys that I now own thanks to you!