Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Glittering Elements ~ Take it to the Grave

Glittering Elements 2 ~ Take it to the Grave
Dark charcoal (almost black) linear holographic

The second polish from Glittering Element's Secrets Trio is "Take it to the Grave". You can see the first one, Secret Keeper here.

Take it to the Gave look a little bit ordinary in the bottle, but that change once the polish is on the nails! If I had applied thicker coats I think I could have gotten away with two coats of this – but I applied three for total coverage. The drying time is average, which is quite ok.

Let me show you what three coats and no topcoat look like in the sunshine:

That’s pretty cool, don’t you think?

The sun makes the rainbows come alive – it’s so pretty in black and grey!

When I flip my fingers like this, the rainbows go crazy, yay!

I am usually not a fan of just black, but this isn’t ‘just’ black. It’s full of rainbows and other colours, and I’m thrilled when I look at it!

I paired it up with another Glittering Elements polish, “Star Dust”. It’s a mix of silver and holographic glitters in various sizes. I absolutely love toppers like this one. A layer of Poshé topcoat finished the entire mani off, and here’s the final result:

What you see on my nails is glitter from one dip in the bottle per nail. I didn’t do any dabbing around to spread the glitter out, it just happened like it is here.

Glitter and holo over a pretty polish! What more can a holo and glitter addict wish for?

The Verdict:
I was surprised to like Take it to the Grave as much as I actually do. I’m sure I could make it a two-coater by applying slightly thicker coats than I did – I shall bear that in mind till next time! Star Dust is most definitely a winner too – the kind of polish that every glitter fan needs in the old stasheroonie.
The formula is good and smooth on both polishes, and the drying time is average. Thumbs up from me!

Take It To The Grave and Star Dust are 5 free.


  1. Love the name and love the polish! And I like it with the glitter on top as well.

    1. Oh great! I hated to cover up the holo, but I think it turned out really nice! :)

  2. Glietter & holo - combo made in nail polish heaven! ;D
    These nail polishes look really well together! <3

    1. Nail polish heaven, that's exactly how I feel too! :D
      And thank you! :) <3

  3. Ooh that holo looks so pretty against the dark base! And I love the glittery top coat you added... the end result is gorgeous! :)

    ~ Yun

    1. Thank you so much, I appreciate it a lot :)

  4. Glitter and holo overload - so pretty :)

  5. You had better not own more holos than me!! HAHAHAH!