Friday, September 13, 2013

Pretty Serious ~ Purple Monkey Dishwasher

Pretty Serious ~ Purple Monkey Dishwasher
Purple jelly base with violet microglitter

I must admit that I have developed a soft spot for Pretty Serious polishes.

The formula was great, like I have learned to expect from Pretty Serious. It took two easy and pretty fast drying coats to make me a happy bunny. The glitter dries up a little bit dull, but a layer of Poshé topcoat made it all come alive! As I’ve said before about Pretty Serious : they’re Seriously Pretty.

Take a look! Two layers of Purple Monkey Dishwasher and one layer of Poshé topcoat:

Isn’t that just gorgeous!? I promise that it’s even prettier in real life!

The addition of microglitters just works!

I decided to keep my nail art simple. I drew a line with a striper from L. A. Colors called Quirky Turquoise, and made two dots next to the line. I sealed the whole thing with another layer of Poshé topcoat, and here’s how I wore it:

I think this particular shade of purple goes perfect with the green.

Purple Monkey dishwasher is a complete winner in my book. I love the colour, the glitter and, unusually, the funny name. I also like the fact that it gets opaque in two easy coats. I’m usually not a jelly fan but this is just fabulous. Lacquered thumbs up!

Opacity: 8/10
Colour, prettiness: 10/10
Durability: 8/10
Value for money: 10/10
Overall: 9/10
Buy again: Hell yes!


  1. That's beautiful! And I'm glad the application was good. I have a Sally Hansen purple jelly that I love, but it takes 4 coats or so.

    1. 4 coats is way too many, I don't have patience for that at all. It's dented and weird before I'm done then :)

  2. That monkey can do my dishes any day ;)
    Why on earth didn't I buy it....?

    1. There's still time, my friend ;)
      It *is* beautiful! :)

  3. Oh how I love that green with purple. What a cool color combo.!!

    1. Thank you! I've become more and more fond of purple and green together lately :)