Monday, September 30, 2013

Lilipad Lacquer ~ Blueberry

Lilipad Lacquer ~ Blueberry  
Cobalt blue crelly (crème/jelly)

Lilipad Lacquer – this is the new Australian brand that you should have heard about by now. I bought this pretty blue polish from Norway Nails, and I want to show you something cool I did with it!

But first: The polish! The formula is good and it applies easily, which is a great bonus. I’m not usually the best of friends with jellies, but this is a mix between a jelly and a crème, so I’m really happy with it’s application. Coverage is good too – two coats and it was fully opaque. Drying time: Average. Not fast, not slow. All in all, a good polish!

Let me show you two coats, no top coat:

Isn’t that just a lovely blue? I’ve got a secret crush on this shade of blue, but the other polishes I have that colour are all shimmers. So I don’t have anything else like it in my collection, yay!

It’s so deliciliciously pretty that I took, like, a brazillion pictures! :D

Then, I applied a layer of white shimmer. I used H&M “Snow White”, and as soon as it was on, I dapped my nail with a rough sponge. When all my nails were done, I applied a layer of topcoat, and here is what that looked like:

Pretty, no? I would wear it like this, if it wasn’t that I had other plans!

I grabbed another polish, this time a Femme Fatale I also got from Norway Nails to review a while ago (see review of it here): A Frosty Shake. It’s a multisized glitter in various colours, mainly white, and it’s gorgeous. I dabbed the glitter onto my nails with a makeup sponge, and when I was done I sealed it all up with a layer of Poshé topcoat, and here’s the final result:

How’s that for a mani?

I like the glitter dabbed on like that, it gives a more frosted look, I think. I know it’s not exactly the time for frosty nails, but hey, I like it! :D

What about you girls, do you like this? I must say that it turned out exactly the way I wanted it to, yay!!

Lilipad Lacquer ~ Blueberry  
Opacity: 8/10
Colour, prettiness: 9/10
Durability: 9/10
Value for money: 9/10
Overall: 9/10
Buy again: Yes

You can buy Lilypad Lacquer and Femme Fatale at

Norway Nails have kindly offered my readers a 10% discount code. Just use the code RAINBOWIFYME10 at checkout, and you'll be getting 10% off your purchase.


  1. It is a gorgeous blue, and then you covered it all up hahaha :)

    1. Yeah I know, I'm impossible, haha!! :D

  2. Extremely pretty blue shade! I like such colors :) and you made a great glitter topping, like snowflakes :)

    1. Thank you so much - I really liked the topper too! :)

  3. Love the blue... it's so vibrant and intense! And the glitters you added on top look cute... kind of like snowflakes. :)

    ~ Yun

    1. Thank you! I love that they make you think of snowflakes. Nice! :)