Wednesday, September 18, 2013

CrowsToes ~ Alcyone

CrowsToes ~ Alcyone
Blue/purple duochrome

Duochromes can be so pretty and so spectacular. I like polishes that “can” do or be something – make rainbows, sparkle, glitter or change colour! Crowstoes has made lots of interesting colourshifting polishes, and Alcyone is one of them. It shifts from blue to purple, and it’s gorgeous.

It’s the kind of polish that really pops over a darker colour, so I layered it over black. My black is Essence “Black is Back”, my default black, because it’s a one coater and it dries fast. Score!

I applied two layers of Alcyone over the black. One would probably have been enough, but I wanted this polish to get the best opportunity to show itself off. Formula is just great, I had no problems with application, and it dried pretty fast too. I gave it a thin layer of Poshé topcoat, just because. And those of you bloggers who like duochromatic polishes know how difficult it can be to catch the colourshift on camera! I have to say that I did very well with Alcyone! <Yes, I’m proud of myself, haha>

Here’s two coats over black, and one layer of Poshé topcoat:

These pictures are taken indoor in daylight, and man, I’m totally in love with this shift of colours!

I can assure you that this is even prettier in real life!

Allow me to change the environment a bit. Duochromes seem to like be photographed in my bathroom, and sometimes show off more colours when I go there. And it’s like magic happening – the next shots are taken in my bathroom in artificial light:

The purple pops way more out here, it’s so cool!

I decided to do a bit of simple nail art on it. I used another polish I got from Norway Nails, namely Picture Polish’s “Antique”, which I reviewed here. I used a plain dotting tool and made dots randomly on the bottom half of my nails. I sealed it all up with another layer of Poshé topcoat, and here a picture taken indoor in daylight:

And a couple of pictures taken in the bathroom in artificial light:

I think Antique looks really cool on Alcyone because it goes well with all the colours in the colourshift!

The verdict is that I just love CrowsToes’ polishes. It’s so cool with polishes that can perform like this and do tricks, don’t you think?

Opacity: 4/10
Colour, prettiness: 9/10
Durability: 9/10
Value for money: 8/10
Overall: 7.5/10
Buy again: Yes


  1. Gorgeous polish! I love the dotted tips! :)

    1. Thank you so much, I'm glad to hear it :)

  2. Oh wow, that polish is a stunner - love it with and without nail art!

    1. Thank you!! :) And yes, it is indeed a beautiful polish :)

  3. So pretty duochrome! Noticeable color shift, i like such polishes :)

    1. Me too - this is one of my favourites so far :) and also the one I've managed to take the best photos of :)