Monday, September 9, 2013

Glittering Elements ~ Secret Keeper

Glittering Elements 1 ~ Secret Keeper
Mauve linear holo with blue shimmer and holo effect

Secret Keeper is one of a series of three polishes – the little collection is called “The Secrets Trio”, and is inspired by one of Casey’s favourite TV shows: “Pretty Little Liars”.

The formula is good. The first coat looked really thin, but the polish builds up nicely and it took three coats to reach the desired opacity. Drying time is average. I applied a coat of Poshé topcoat for the pictures.

Here’s a picture taken inside, with the sun shining through the window:

The colour is a bit hard to describe, as you can see from these pictures. It’s not really purple and not really grey either. It’s something in between, I think. There’s a colour called Gridelin, which is Violet-Grey....this could be it! 

This picture is taken outside in the sunshine:

And another one:

This polish has definitely got grey undertones! And look: Rainbows!

I did some really simple nail art on it. I made two stripes on each nail with a dark purple polish from it-style (an Italian polish I received in a swap a long time ago), and then a line of dots down the middle. Another layer of Poshé topcoat finished my mani:

It’s not the prettiest nail art I’ve done, but I like it anyway:

Here are the two polishes I used:

The Verdict:
This is a really special colour polish, and so hard to describe. It’s a great base for nail art, and would be perfect for a discreet work look too. I like it with the nail art because I like my manis loud – also on work days :) I love that it’s got holo in it too.
I can live with the three layers for full coverage as long as the drying time isn’t slower than it is here. Average is definitely ok!

Are you a fan of Pretty Little Liars too? I myself have never watched the series at all!

Secret Keeper is 5 free.


  1. Replies
    1. It is! I don't think I've got anything like it in my collection :)

  2. I've never watched Pretty Little Liars, but I like this polish. It looks so unusual :)

  3. That color is so interesting and unique! And I love the purple design you added on top! The end result is really cute! :)

    ~ Yun