Sunday, May 11, 2014

Catrice Crushed Crystals

I was very excited to get my hands on two of the six of Catrices Crushed Crystals. I got the magenta and the purple. I really wanted the red too, but that was already sold out, boo! Crushed Crystals are packed with shimmer and are slightly textured. Let me show you the two I got.

~ 03 Shooting Star

Shooting star is a lovely magenta packed with pink shimmer. Application is really easy and coverage is good. Two coats is what it takes, and the drying time between the coats is pretty good.

The sunshine really shows why these polishes are called Crushed Crystals. Take a look:

And another picture of the prettiness:

Here’s a lightbox shot:

I love the shimmers in this polish.

I dapped some silver glitter at the base of my nails. It’s Silver Frost by H&M, a great all round silver glitter. I applied a layer of topcoat, and here’s the final mani:

The sun reflects the silver so they look a bit black, but they’re not, they’re all silver. Take a look at this lightbox pic:

~ 02 PLUMdog Milionaire

The other one I got is a fantastic purple packed with a variety of purple shimmers. Application is just as easy as Shooting Star, coverage and drying time is also the same. All in all a great polish.

Here’s a sunshine picture for you:

Crystals. Oh baby, they sure do glitter in the sun!

Here’s what it looks like in my lightbox. It may give you an idea of the texture. It’s not hugely textured, just a bit “bumpy”. I like it.

This picture shows you the variety of purple shimmers. It’s sooo pretty.

I stamped on it. I used a pattern from Moyou London Sailor Collection-07 and I stamped with Barry M “Lilac Foil” which is just fantastic for stamping. I applied a layer of Poshé topcoat and here’s the final result:

The mandatory lightbox pic:

These are a fantastic couple of polishes! Do you like them too?


  1. They are both super beautiful - I I only liked wearing textured polishes, they would be mine too!

    1. I hardly ever wear my textures without a topcoat. Just sayin'... ;)

  2. These look fantastic! Pity they don't sell Catrice over here in Scotland :-(

    I love a good textured polish :-) and love the silver designs on the purple :-)

    1. They don't sell Catrice here either :/ There are ways to get around that though :)

  3. Gorgeous polishes and swatches! ^_^

  4. I like Plumdog Milionaire and the stamping is perfect too! :-)

    1. Thank you so much :) I'm glad to hear you like it!