Saturday, May 31, 2014

Venique ~ Hot Date, San Tro Play and Heels of Dazzle

Venique ~ Hot Date, San Tro Play and Heels of Dazzle

I got these Venique lacquers in a swap with a Canadian girl, and they’ve been sitting for a long time, waiting to be swatched. Well, it’s time!

Let me start with a pink crème, Hot Date. It looks pretty ordinary in the bottle, so let’s see if it gets to stay with me or what.

Application was a dream, no less, and the drying time was fast. Two good features in a polish! It takes two coats to make it opaque, and I must admit that even though it’s “just a pink”, then I must admit that it took be by surprise: It’s really pretty!

Take a look, here’s two coats, no topcoat:

It’s a really nice pink, don’t you think?

Let me show you how it looks in the sun too. I was surprised to see a tiny wee bit of blueish shine to it!

“Hot Date” stays with me for sure, she’s beautiful!

Next one up is “San Tro Play”, a purple shimmer. It looks quite mild and inoffensive in the bottle to be honest. Application and drying time are equally good as with Hot Date. Coverage too: Two coats is what it takes. It does look a little bit brush stroky on the pictures, but that didn’t show at all in real life.

Here’s two coats, no topcoat:

Again: This is much nicer on the nails than the bottle suggests.

One last shot:

This one gets to stay as well!

Last one up is “Heels of Dazzle”, a clear base with red hexagons. It’s a topper – there’s no way you can make this opaque on its own. So I applied one coat of a red polish: Golden Rose Matte Satin #204 as my base colour.

Then I applied a layer of Heels of Dazzle over the red base. I had to dab the glitters around to place them of the nails, and kept getting way too much of the clear base on the brush.

You know the rule: One dip in the bottle per nail. Here’s what my mani ended up looking like:

I like red on red, it’s good for the eyes!

The final shot:

I don’t think this one gets to stay with me for much longer. I mean, I like red glitter, but then again, I have so many red glitters.

I think Venique is a Canadian salon brand – which is probably why we don’t see it much out here in blog land. It’s a shame really, because the polishes I have tried seem really nice. So if any Canadian girls out there can get their hands on Venique polishes and want to swap with me, please don’t hesitate to contact me on Thanks!


  1. the purple metallic is really amazing! totally winner of this trio :)

  2. Hot Date is such a me color - are you really, really sure you want to keep it :D

    1. Haha, perhaps I should just pass it on then :D

  3. Hot Date is my favourite too but I do like Heels of Dazzle too :-)