Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cupcake Polish swatches

Cupcake Polish ~
Los Angeles: Pink linear holo with blue flame
Chicago: Light purple linear holo with blue and orange flame
New York:  Sky blue linear holo

Warning! You might as well go get your retro aviator sunglasses right away. This post is loaded with holo goodness: Cupcake Polish spam! I’ve got three of them, and I’m going to show you all three in this same post. I know! Whoa!!!, right?

The formula is the same in all three polishes: good and easy to apply. It takes two coats to make the polishes opaque, and the drying time is really good. Those observations apply to all three. Nice :) 
I didn’t apply any topcoat before taking my pictures.

Let us commence with Los Angeles, a pink linear holo. The holo flame is amazing in this one, and it’s blue. Take a look:

The pictures are taken in the sunshine, yay!

Is this A-mazing, or what?

Here’s what Los Angeles looks like in the shadows. The rainbows just wouldn’t go away! Tough to live with I know *theatrical sigh*, but that’s just the way this polish is :D

I love Los Angeles for sure!

Next one up is Chicago. That’s also a linear holo, but a light purple one. The holo flame is blue and orange and really cool. Again, two coats, quick drying time and no topcoat. Here’s a sunshine picture:

The pics are taken in the sunshine. The holo effect is so strong that it doesn’t let much of the original colour peek through.

It’s amazing in the sun.

When I bought this, I thought it was darker purple than it actually is. Here’s what it looks like in the shadows:

This holo effect is really strong in low lights with Chicago as well, but I must admit that this base colour isn’t my favourite. A very cool polish nonetheless.

Last one up is my real favourite of the bunch: New York. This is a sky blue linear holo. Same good formula, same two coats, same great drying time, same niceness. Sweet as! Here’s the Sunshine picture:

This is just crazy beautiful, right?

Are you wearing your retro Mustang pilot sunglasses yet?

And the mandatory low light picture:

I love New York both in and out of the sunshine, so this is a true winner for me.

Overall verdict:
Really, really cool polishes. The linear holo effect is just crazy, and the pigmentation of these polishes is simply excellent. Rumours have it that they’re stainers, so you might want to consider wearing a good basecoat. I’ve heard they’re great stampers too, but I haven’t tried that myself yet.

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Fast
Finish: Extreme holos
Removal: No worries.
Overall impression: Amazing holos!
Buy again: Yes, positively definitely


  1. OH wow, I hope I write the right place - I'm blinded...
    These are truly amazing - wow, wow, wow...

    1. I know, right? I was seriously blinded too! :)

  2. The rainbows are so strong in all of them, I love them all! <3

  3. Oh my, now that's some holo goodness right there!

  4. Ooh, I haven't heard of this brand before--the holo is insane! :D

    1. I love insane holos, they can't be too much holo :D

  5. These are gorgeous! I especially love Los Angeles.

    1. I think so too. New York is my fave and just my colour :)

  6. These holos are blinding! I love them - my fav is either LA or NY hmm can't pick between them! :-)

    1. It's hard to chose between pretties, isn't it :D