Thursday, May 1, 2014

Liquid Sky Lacquer ~ Ever Green

Liquid Sky Lacquer ~ Ever Green  
Emerald green linear holo

Ever Green came out around Christmas, but I only bought it recently. I like a good green, Christmas or not.

The formula seemed a little bit thin on the first layer and I thought I would have to apply at least three layers to make this pretty green look the best. But the second coat made it opaque. I do believe that if it hadn’t been for the crazy holo in this one, I would have had to apply a third coat. But today is
not that day. Drying time between the coats is really good.

Here’s two coats, no topcoat, pic taken with flash:

And another pic. The holo is really extreme, I love it!

Here’s what Ever Green looks like in lower lights. I couldn’t get it to stop flashing rainbows no matter what I did, LOL!

I added some glitter because I ran out of ideas of what to do on it. I used a silver glitter from OPI called In True Stefani Fashion, which is from the Gwen Stefani collection. It’s the first time I use it, and I like it a lot. I sponged the glitter at the base of my nails, applied a layer of Ellagee’s topcoat “Glass”, and here is my final mani, taken in low lights:

I love holo/glitter combinations because the glitter shines in lower lights:

… and the holo shines in the sunlight! It’s a win/win situation!

Here’s Ever Green in her matching bag:

I did think that Ever Green was darker green when I bought it, but I like this nonetheless. What do you think? Do you like glitter on holo?

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Fast
Finish: Extreme holo, fascinating effect!
Overall impression: I love these extreme holos, they’re spectacular. The fact that the formula and drying time is great just makes Liquid Sky Lacquers a great, recommendable brand
Buy again: Yes

You can buy Liquid Sky Lacquers from
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  1. This is a gorgeous holo! I love the addition of the silver glitter too.

  2. Wow, like the pine trees in the snow! :)

  3. I love the Evergreen polish!!! <3

  4. This is a really nice holo! Stunning in fact :-) I like it with the OPI too, bling overload hehe ;-)

    1. Bling overload is the way I like it! :D

  5. It looks good on you, but I prefer it with the glitter!