Saturday, May 17, 2014

Pretty Jelly ~ Elysian pt. 2 - sunshine pictures

Hi girls, 

I had no sun available when I reviewed Elysian for Edgy Polish recently, so I had to show off the holo by using my flash. I promised Katarina that I'd swatch it again when the sun decided to show itself. Today is that day. 

I am not going to tire you with text about application, drying time and other stuff, because all that is in the original post right here

Here are the promised sunshine pictures. This is two coats: 


Stunning is a good word for Elysian! 

One last shot: 

The verdict is still the same: I love Elysian, it's beautiful!! ♥

This polish was sent to me from Edgy Polish in return an honest review.
Check out the original post about Elysian here.


  1. It's too teal for me, but wow - the rainbow.... <3
    I looked at the first post, I think it's easy enough to see the rainbow in the lightbox :)

    1. I agree, the flash shows almost exactly what the polish looks like in the sunshine - it's great to know that it's that accurate :)

  2. I think it does look quite similar to the indoor pics too - but what a holo :-)

    1. It's a fantastic holo for sure, and yes, I agree :)