Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Colour Alike ~ Red Moon and CrowsToes ~ Morticia

Colour Alike ~ Red Moon and CrowsToes ~ Morticia
Deep red packed with shimmer and Red, black and silver multishaped glitter

The other morning I asked my boyfriend what colour polish I should wear. It’s as if the more polish I get, the harder it is to decide! His reply was: “What is wrong with a nice red?” And the fact is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with a nice red. I dug out “Red Moon” from Colour Alike. I have used it before for nail art, but I really like it, so it definitely deserves more time on the nails.

It’s a one coater and if I wasn’t a blogger I would have used only one coat. I applied a second coat for the camera though. The drying time was okay.

Here’s how pretty it is in the sun:

I paired it with another oldie, namely Morticia from CrowsToes. It’s three years ago I used that beautiful mix of glitter! Damn, time flies!!

Anyway, I applied a single layer of glitter over Red Moon. I deliberately didn’t load the brush with glitter because there’s seriously sooo much of it.

Here’s what one coat of Morticia looks like over red, including a layer of topcoat:

Here’s the same thing photographed without influence of the sun to show the glitter mix better.

I ended up applying two layers of topcoat to get a completely smooth surface.

Number of coats: 2 – but one would have been enough
Drying time: Okay
Finish: Metallic
Overall impression: Great colour and polish
Buy again: Yes to both’