Wednesday, July 20, 2016

H&M ~ Mimosa Blossom

H&M ~ Mimosa Blossom
Yellow with gold shimmer

I don’t wear yellow very often, but Mimosa Blossom stood out from the crowd in H&M last time I was there. I don’t think I’ve seen a yellow quite like it. It also helped that it was on special; the price was US$1.50. I couldn’t resist!

I applied two coats but if I should have worn this on its own I would definitely have needed a third coat. But I used it as underwear for a nail vinyl mani, so I left it at two coats.

Let me show you my final mani:

I obviously used nail vinyls, just some relatively cheap ones from ebay. The orange is “Orange Neon” and the red is “Red” – both from El Corazón’s stamping collection. I sponged the two colours on so I got the gradient effect out of it. The topcoat is Northern Lights from Out the Door.

I must admit that I really like the effect!

Here are the four polishes I used:

I’m glad I bought Mimosa Blossom, and I am sure I’ll find really good use for it.

Number of coats: 2 (3 if I should have worn it alone)
Drying time: Very good
Finish: Shimmer
Overall impression: Interesting yellow with a good shimmer
Buy again: I would