Thursday, July 21, 2016

Too Fancy Lacquer ~ Peacock Parade

Too Fancy Lacquer ~ Peacock Parade
Peacock green linear holo

I haven’t bought Too Fancy polishes for ages. It’s not because I don’t like them, because I love the ones I’ve got. But there was a time where they weren’t that easy to get your hands on and I don’t like it when it’s not easy to shop. I just looked at their website and it looks as if it’s back to being easy to spend money there now, so who knows: I might get back to buying the lovely polishes.

Peacock Parade has got a great formula and the polish covers in two easy and fast drying coats.

I had no sun, but the rainbows aren’t shy. This picture is taken in ordinary daylight.

And this is taken in the shade.

I made a Studicure (I made up a word, hooray!!). I applied studs by the base of each nail. Three on the middle and the ring finger – they symbolise the feathers of a peacock. The heart studs on my pinkie, my pointer and my thumb are because I love peacocks.

This is a daylight picture, no direct sun.

I love this studicure!

I like the colour of Peacock Parade, but I have a feeling that my bottle has faded. I google swatches of it and the pictures I could find all showed a darker version than mine. Click here to see my google search and see for yourself.

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Really good
Finish: Strong linear holo        
Overall impression: I love both peacocks and this polish :D
Buy again: Yes                                                       


  1. If it's faded, then pity, still it's lovely :)

  2. Wow, it is such a beautiful polish!

  3. Hi! I'm new here, love this post and the nail polish!
    Check out my blog ;)
    I'm following you!

  4. Really pretty holo regardless of the fading! :-D

  5. I think I have a couple of Too Fancy Lacquers... I should have gotten more of them though.. This one looks so pretty!

    1. I got a couple of bottle of the very first polish she made. Super pretty, but still unused O_o

  6. Oh this is beautiful, I love Too Fancy and Peacock Parade is one of my favourites from the brand!