Sunday, October 9, 2016

Cuccio Colour ~ Sicilian Summer and Sation ~ Sandy Glo

Cuccio Colour ~ Sicilian Summer and Sation ~ Sandy Glo
Deep pink with shimmer and Clear base with red and silver microglitter

Today I’m just testing a couple of polishes I bought from ebay.

My heart sank a bit when I opened the envelope with Sicilian Summer in it. The polish looked so pretty on the picture I saw and in the bottle it looks a bit like a grandma polish! I don’t find new homes for my polishes without testing them though so today I tried it on.

The formula is great and so easy to work with. Coverage is good too, I used two easy and fast drying coats to achieve full opacity. I was really happy to see that this is a polish that’s much nicer on the nails than in the bottle. I love it when that happens!

Here’s two coats of Sicilian Summer and no topcoat:

That’s a keeper for sure!

I paired it with another polish that looked way different on the swatch pictures than what I got in the mail: Sandy Glo by Sation. I actually thought that this was a red and white microglitter and was very surprised to see it was silver and red – and that there’s no way that this is going to work as anything than a topper.

Never mind, I like toppers, so let’s see if these two polishes actually work together. I applied a layer of Sandy Glo. The drying time was a bit on the slow side.

Here’s one layer of Sandy Glo over Sicilian Summer. There’s no extra topcoat on.

Sicilian Summer is a keeper! I need to try Sandy Glo over a different colour before I decide its fate :D

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Really good
Finish: Shimmer
Overall impression: Sicilian Summer is way prettier on the nails than the bottle suggest. As for Sandy Glo: I actually hoped for a non-topper :D
Buy again: Yes to Sicilian Summer, maybe to Sandy Glo