Tuesday, October 18, 2016

El Corazón ~ Kaleidoscope ~ On Shopping

El Corazón ~ Kaleidoscope ~ On Shopping
Warm toned neon yellow crème

On Shopping is my latest addition to my little collection of El Corazón’s Brights collection. It’s a warm toned bright yellow, but before we get to the polish I want to show you what my mani ended up looking like:

I love this design, and even my boyfriend was impressed with this peacock mani :) Yay!

I started out with two layers of On Shopping. It’s not as much of a diva as other yellow polishes, but you have to be a little bit patient with her. If you’re careful with the application you can easily get away with two coats. The drying time is good.

This is two coats and one layer of topcoat:

I sponged on some red and blue polish, both from El Corazón’s stamping series. The red is called “The Paradise” and the blue is called “Blue Hawaii”. I topped it with Colour Alike’s Holo Top 2.0.

This is that step. I actually liked it like that, on its own too.

The stamping plate I used is Emily de Molly’s EDM04, which is full of peacock designs. I love that plate.

Here are the four polishes I used.

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Really good
Finish: Neon crème
Overall impression: Great colour, I love bright two coaters like this
Buy again: Yes