Thursday, October 20, 2016

Life Professional Line ~ #39 (and Nail Pattern Boldness ~ Tin Man)

Life Professional Line ~ #39 (and Nail Pattern Boldness ~ Tin Man)
Classic red with shimmer

I usually always bring new pretties home with me from holidays. When I was in Poland I came across a brand I haven’t heard about before: Life. I checked out the range and fell for two very pretty and shimmery polishes, number 38 and number 39. I’m going to show you 39 today and 38 tomorrow. Confused? You won’t be :)

The formula is no less than amazing: The polish was almost self-applying! I covered in one super easy coat. I added a second coat out of habit but it honestly didn’t seem to make a difference. The drying time was really good too.

And wowee Mister Dupree, this polish is even prettier on the nails than it is in the bottle! Here’s two coats and no topcoat in ordinary daylight, no sun.

I absolutely adore red polishes like this one!

I decided to add a bit of silver flakes to it. I dug out “Tin Man” from Nail Pattern Boldness. It’s a flake topper that has been sitting in a long forgotten box for a very long time. Nail Pattern Boldness states on the website that it’s made from a metal composite flake that doesn't contain any sterling.

Tin Man isn’t the easiest polish to apply. The flakes are not super cooperative and once they sit on the nail they don’t really want to be moved around! The drying time is also on the slow side because I ended up with a lot more clear base than I originally intended to.

But anyway – this is one coat of Tin Man over Life #39, no additional topcoat:

I love red and silver, yay!

I am a huge fan of the red polish and can’t wait to show you the sister tomorrow. I somewhat wish that I had bought more than two of them, haha!

Number of coats: 2 but 1 would have been enough
Drying time: Really good
Finish: Shimmer
Overall impression: This is an amazing polish. Great colour, fantastic quality!
Buy again: Yes


  1. Lovely combo with the flakies- they've made an impression on me :)

  2. What a red! And the final flakies version is great! Smuack

  3. Gorgeous red! I like the combo whit silver flakies :)

  4. love that nailpolish and love the silver flakies so gorgeous!!!♥