Sunday, March 5, 2017

Cherie ma Cherie ~ Nail Expert 308

Cherie ma Cherie ~ Nail Expert 308
Purple to brown duochromatic shimmer

I was in the mood for something unusual for me: A brown polish. Okay, it’s brown and purple, but it’s still an unusual colour for me.

I used three coats for my mani. It did cover visible nail line after two coats, but the third definitely made a difference in how it looked, so I recommend three coats if you’re using this polish on its own.

Here’s three coats and a layer of topcoat taken in ordinary daylight:

I had a feeling that this polish would work perfectly as a layering polish, so I tried to layer it over black. I used one layer of OPI’s Never Have Too Mani Friends, which is a plain black crème – and then one layer of the 308 over it. I don’t usually use topcoat on my swatch wheels but I did today, to make sure that the comparison was fair.

So: A layer of black and a layer of Cherie ma Cherie 308, topped with a layer of topcoat in daylight:

There’s actually not much difference between the two out in ordinary daylight.

Let’s take a look in the lightbox, also to show the duochrome effect.

The shift is way more apparent in the lightbox. Here’s the swatch wheel, also in the lightbox:

I’ll definitely recommend to layer this over black. You save a layer of polish if you chose a black one coater as the underwear.

Number of coats: 3 – or 1 over black
Drying time: Good
Finish: Duochrome shimmer
Overall impression: Great effect, I love the shimmer in it
Buy again: Yes