Saturday, March 11, 2017

Painted Polish ~ Cider Season

Painted Polish ~ Cider Season
Described as festive, orange/red holo microglitter jelly

When my collection reached a certain size I almost stopped looking into new brands. Once you’ve tried a lot of brands, you kind of know which brands you like and which you don’t like that much. But once in a while I try a brand that’s new to me.

Painted Polish is new to me, and they’ve got some really lovely photos on their website. I ordered four really nice looking polishes. And they also looked nice when they arrived, but they don’t really looking anything like the pictures in the shop :/

Take Cider Season for instance. “A festive, orange/red holo microglitter” – that sounds exactly like something I would love. When I look at my bottle it looks brown. Brown, of all colours! :(

No polish leaves the house without being tried on, so I grabbed that one first. I took the promised two coats to achieve full opacity. The drying time was average.

Here’s two coats and no topcoat taken in the lightbox. Festive? Nah. Orange…? Hmm… not really. I see the red, but I definitely also see brown. Take a look at the shop’s listing by clicking here. There’s not much resemblance, is there?

This picture is taken in ordinary daylight. You can see that the polish is more red on my nails than in the bottle. I still don’t see festive orange though.

I brushed some golden glitter onto the tips to make it better. I used Holo Fairie from H&M for that purpose. I sealed it all up with topcoat.

Here’s the final mani:

And here are the two bottles.

Hm… I’m definitely not convinced. The colour is not me, and that’s fair enough. I don’t find it okay that the pictures are so misleading though. 

Update: I have contacted Lexi from Painted Polish to hear if I have received a bad batch of polish or why my polishes don't look like on the photos in the shop. She got back to me right away and apologized and will change the pictures in the webshop. She will also try to make things right for me - so thank you so much for great customer service. That makes such a huge difference for me! ♥

Update2: I ended up being refunded for this. Thank you to both Lexi and to Hypnotic Polish!   

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Average
Finish: Jelly with microglitter
Overall impression: I love microglitters but I’m not crazy about the colour
Buy again: Nope


  1. The picture on the website and your nail color does match at all. This polish is Red with hint of dark brown. The other one is full orange with multi color glitters. May be you should talk to the customer support. Its misleading :( But I do love this polish and your manicure. Its very Festive :)

    1. I actually followed your advice and took it to the maker herself.
      The webshop refunded me for the polish :) So thanks for the advice! ♥

  2. Sorry for being so lazy with commenting lately :( I wasn't that fond of this color, but I really liked the gradient.

  3. i wonder if it the same??? on the website its orange and yours its red....i really likéd the orange but yours is okay!

    1. It is the same, it's just the way the pictures in the shop have been twisted a bit. I loved the orange :)

  4. Oh wow! That red is beautiful and I really love how you've combined it with the green!

  5. It looks really nice, especially with the gradient!