Thursday, July 20, 2017

My Dance ~ C13 Salon

My Dance ~ C13 Salon

Silver linear holo

I have already shown you a couple of My Dance polishes. This one is from Aliexpress as well, just like the previous ones.

The formula is good and so is the coverage. I used two coats for full opacity and the drying time was good. I have no complaints or worries about this polish at all.

I stamped on it. I used the stamping plate Mezerdoo33; coincidentally also from Aliexpress. I used two stamping polishes: El Corazón’s Fuchsia and Colour Alike’s B. a Rainy Mood. I put little dollops of each colour on the motif, scraped it off the plate and transferred it onto my nails. I really like the effect it created.

Here’s my final mani including a layer of topcoat. The photo is taken in the sun.

You may be able to see the effect of the two stamped colours on this picture. It’s taken in my lightbox.

Here’s C13 on its own in the sunshine.

These are the three polishes I used for my mani.

I wouldn’t use a polish like this on its own, but it’s a great base for any sort of nail art. I love silver holos!

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Good
Finish: Linear holo
Overall impression: Great polish with lovely rainbows.
Buy again: Yes


  1. holo are always beautiful so is this polish :) I love the stamping on it. They look beautiful together. I never brought polish from aliexpress. Can you suggest me some water base top coat? not the gel ones though :)

    1. Thank you so much :)
      I have ordered a water based topcoat from Born Pretty Store, but it hasn't arrived yet, so I honestly don't know if it's any good or not.

  2. I like it so much :) beautiful nails :)

  3. I love your nail art, it`s beautiful :)

  4. Nice holo and gorgeous mani :-D