Thursday, July 13, 2017

OPI ~ Deutsch You Want Me Baby?

OPI ~ Deutsch You Want Me Baby?
Red/orange with shimmer

Today I’m using a couple of old OPIs: Deutsch You Want Me Baby? from the Germany collection from Autumn 2012 and Extra-Va-Vaganza from the Burlesque collection from Winter/Holiday collection 2010. They’re both really lovely polishes.

I used DYWMB as the base colour. Two easy coats with good drying time. Then I made two black stripes and a couple of black dots on each nail with OPI’s Never Have Too Mani Friends, and then I made a couple of more dots with Extra-Va-Vaganza. Never Have Too Mani Friends is from the Hello Kitty collection from early spring 2016, so that polish is not an oldie yet :D

This is the final mani taken in the evening sun and including a layer of topcoat to seal it all up:

And here is Deutsch You Want Me Baby? on its own; two coats, no topcoat. Look at how the sun makes the shimmer shine beautifully!

Here are the pretty OPI sisters.

Deutsch You Want Me Baby is really beautiful and even though it’s a bit more golden or coppery than I’d usually go for, I really like it.

I didn’t like the final mani much though. It was the black that ruined it for me and I didn’t keep it on for long. Boo!

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Good
Finish: Shimmer
Overall impression: Really pretty polish, I love the shimmer
Buy again: Yes