Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Pahlish ~ Test batch: Mountain Valley

Pahlish ~ Test batch: Mountain Valley
Dark green packed with purple and golden flakies

I am a sucker for mystery polishes! If a maker sells their beta product as mystery polishes, I usually buy one or two when I order anyway. There’s nothing wrong with them – it’s just polishes that didn’t quite end up as the maker wanted them to. Test batches, if you will.

Today’s polish is such a polish. It’s dark green, mysterious in a way.

I used two coats for my mani and the drying time was good. I like the formula of Pahlish’s polishes as a rule and this is no exception.

I ended up stamping on it. The stamp is from the Moyra stamping plate No. 112 Far Far Away and the polish I used for the stamp is Color Club’s Cosmic Fate. All the polishes from the Halo Hues collections stamp like a dream!

This is the final mani including topcoat. The picture is taken with flash to show off the holo goodness.

Here’s the same thing in ordinary daylight to show off the stamp. I think that Cosmic Fate goes really well with this dark green beauty.

Here’s Mountain Valley on its own. Two coats, no topcoat yet.

The two pretty sisters side by side:

Mountain Valley is dark and mysterious. I am not sure I would have bought her if I could have checked her out beforehand. She’s staying for now though, perhaps I will appreciate her more when Autumn comes around again.

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Really good
Finish: Flakie
Overall impression: Really good quality polish, quite dark though
Buy again: Probably not, I’m not quite sure