Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Pinpai ~ Holo 04

Pinpai ~ Holo 04
Dark fuchsia linear holo

This polish is from eBay. I bought three and this is the only one that matched the colour description.

I used two easy coats for my nails today and the drying time was really good.

The stamp is from the stamping plate “BP-L060” and I stamped with a dark red from BornPrettyStore.

It’s not very easy to see the stamp on this photo taken in the sun, because the rainbows are so prominent.

Pinpai ~ Holo 04

This picture is taken in the lightbox to show off the stamp and the true colour of the nail polish.

Pinpai ~ Holo 04

This is 04 alone; two coats and no topcoat yet. The photo is taken in the sun and the rainbows are mesmerizing.

Pinpai ~ Holo 04

Here’s the stuff I used.

This is a nice little gem of a polish. You can’t count on that the pics on eBay are colour correct because they are far from.

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Really good
Finish: Strong linear holo
Overall impression: Good formula, good drying time, great rainbows.
Buy again: Yes


  1. Essa holografia dele é mesmo linda demais

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  2. What a precious manicure! I love these colours *__*

  3. It's a gorgeous holo, very strong! Yes, the only problem with holo nail polishes is that they don't allow the stamping to pop-up easily... I usually use white stamping on holos, it works nicely! :-)

    1. White is cool on holos, and also silver metals :)