Friday, November 22, 2019

Gabrini ~ B13 Mavi and C02

Gabrini ~ B13 Mavi and C02
Midnight blue jelly packed with blue microglitter & Clear base with blue and white glitter in various shapes and sizes

Today's polishes are bought in Turkey. It's a pair of lovely polishes. The one I used as my base colour is B13 Mavi. It's a very intense midnight blue with microglitter. The formula is really good and I used two easy coats for my nails today. The drying time is good.

I added a top of glitter on top, because even glitter is better with glitter on it :D  I used Gabrini's C02 from their Carnaval series. I applied one coat. I did a little bit of glitter placement but not much.

Here's the end result, including a layer of topcoat.

Gabrini ~ B13 Mavi and C02

I really like glitter with glitter on!

Gabrini ~ B13 Mavi and C02

This is B13 Mavi on its own; two coats and no topcoat. I think it's really gorgeous!

Gabrini ~ B13 Mavi
Gabrini ~ B13 Mavi

Here are the two polishes I used today.

I am a big fan of Gabrini's polishes so far.

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Good
Finish: Glitter
Overall impression: Great effect and formula, I really like this
Buy again: Yes