Friday, February 28, 2014

Studs from Born Pretty Store

I’ve wanted to try studs for a while (so to speak), so here's a post dedicated to studs! 
I started out with small silver stars. My nails aren’t either particularly big or particularly long, so I picked the smallest stars I could find – they’re about 2.5mm. They come in a bag containing approximately 150 stars, and you can find them here.

Here’s the bag I received:

I have never tried studs before (so to speak), so I was a little bit nervous to begin with. But it was really easy. I poured some stars out on a piece of paper, and hoped some of them would land with the top side up. Then I dipped the tip of an orange stick in a non quick drying topcoat, dapped a bit of topcoat on my nail. And before that dried, I picked up a star with the orange stick (now wet with topcoat) and placed it in the wet topcoat. I repeated these steps until I had a row of stars vertically on each nail:

I didn’t topcoat it, but I’ll do that next time. The stars are not plain flat, so they look cool even on curved nails.

Next studs up (no pun intended, haha) are golden hearts, find them here.

They’re bigger than the first studs (the jokes could go on, couldn’t they), and perhaps even a bit too big for my relatively small nails. Again: I dapped topcoat on my nails and placed the hearts with an orange stick.

I tried to make a flower out of them on my ring finger nail.

No topcoat on that either.

The last studs are small black circles. And they’re really small, even smaller than I imagined. They’re still easy to work with and I think this size is really good on my nails. You can find the studs here.

I made various patterns on my nails.

And I liked how easy these were to work with, even for a n00b like myself :D

If you’re into studs, you definitely should give some of these a go. My favourites are the round black studs, closely followed by the silver stars. They’re all really easy to work with once you get the hang of it.


  1. I like the stars, because they don't seem to stand up to much from the nail.

    1. I like them too, and no, they didn't, which also surprised me :)

  2. They sure have a wide selection of studs - great mani's you created using them :)

    1. Thank you so much! They have so many that I had a hard time picking which ones I wanted :)

  3. Cute studs, I liked the stars especially! I have the square studs from BPS and I like that they are so easy to use.. What is the base colour you are wearing under the star studs btw?

    1. That's Morgan Taylor's New York State of Mind. :) I'll show it later in a post :)