Sunday, November 30, 2014

From the Disney movie Frozen: Elsa

From the Disney movie Frozen: Elsa

I am quite the fan of Disney movies! And I really love the movie Frozen, so I was thrilled when I received these three Funky Finger polishes in a swap recently: Elsa, Anna and Olaf:

Elsa, Anna & Olaf

Yes! Yes! Yes!

I decided to make three different manis dedicated to these three figures of the movie. The first one I made was Elsa. She looks like this in the movie:


And here’s my Elsa mani in the sun:

Pahlish’s Electric Boots is my base colour. It’s a lovely blue linear holographic packed with golden shimmer.

On my tips is another Pahlish: Train Underwater. It’s a blue jelly base with blue and green glitters. I sponged it on with an eyeshadow applicator. And on top of the whole thing: The Funky Finger Elsa, which is a tinted blue base with base blue and white glitters and hexagons in various sizes. There are also little snowflakes in the mix, but I didn’t get any of them on the brush and I didn’t fish for them.

This picture is taken in the lightbox. It’s almost even lovelier.

Here’s what Pahlish “Electric Boots” looks like on its own in the sunlight.

And here are the three polishes I used. If you take a closer look on Electric Boots on the left you can see all the golden shimmers.

I must admit I’m really pleased with this. I can’t wait to make the next character, which is going to be Anna. Stay tuned! :)


  1. Wow, it's so pretty! Nice interpretation!

  2. Oh, it's fantastic, all of very pretty :)

  3. It's a super pretty li''l glitter, and I also do love those bottles!

    1. I was SO pleased to get them in the swap, I love them too :)

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you, I am super pleased to hear that :)

  5. Wow such a gorgeous manicure, great interpretation! :-)

  6. Lol I've never seen it! These polishes do look really great though :-) Final result is just wonderful :-)

  7. Just so gorgeous, lovely glitter effect!