Saturday, March 28, 2015

NailNation 3000 ~ Board Walk Empire

NailNation 3000 ~ Board Walk Empire
Vibrant blue linear holo
NailNation 3000 is a really cool brand, I’m a big fan! When I opened the package that had Board Walk Empire inside, I almost jumped when I saw how pretty is was! Wow. Hold on for a second, I’ll show you.

The formula is great, I have no issues to report at all. I used two coats that dried really fast.

Girls n guys, grab your sunglasses, ‘cause here is two coats of Board Walk Empire:

Are those rainbows amazing or what? I’d say they are!

And the polish also glows in low light. I’m mesmerized.

I decided to stamp on it. I chose a pattern on my XL stamping plate “B” and I stamped with Lumin-Icent from Color Club’s Foiled collection from Autumn 2011. There are six polishes in that collection and they all stamp really well. I sealed my mani up with topcoat and was good to go.

Here’s my final mani:

Low light so you can see the pattern I chose.

Board Walk Empire is a total winner. I love everything about it!

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Fast
Finish: Linear holo
Overall impression: Amazing colour and rainbows, great formula. I love this polish!
Buy again: Yes please

I bought Board Walk Empire from
You can find more info on NorwayNail’s Facebook page, link here.

Norway Nails have kindly offered my readers a 10% discount code. Just use the code RAINBOWIFYME10 at checkout, and you'll be getting 10% off your purchase.


  1. It looks lovely with the stamping and yes, the blue is great!

  2. Ga, you find the best holo polishes! x

  3. Gorgeous holo and great design - they work well together :-D

  4. This is beautiful! I love holos that also are a stunning vibrant colour!

  5. Oh... my... God... Stunning! ♥