Sunday, March 29, 2015

Pahlish ~ Mystery Polish and Picture Polish ~ Holiday

Pahlish ~ Mystery Polish and Picture Polish ~ Holiday
Showing off, haha

Today I’m going to show you two polishes. No fancy nail art or anything, just two polishes on top of each other. Sometimes I like it like that.

The first one is a mystery Pahlish. It’s dark teal with copper shimmer and there is also a dash of holo shimmer in it.

The formula is good and it’s very opaque. I wouldn’t be surprised if this worked for stamping too. I used two coats to make it look the best and the drying time between the coats is good.

Here’s what it looks like on it’s own:

Here you can see the little shimmers. There aren’t many but they’re really cute.

On top of that I applied a layer of Picture Polish’s Holiday. It’s a topper with holo glitter and flakies. I’ve seen pictures of the bottle and thought it was nothing special. Once it’s on it’s magic though. Easily applied, averagely drying.

And look! Look how gorgeous it is:

Here is a non flash picture to show off the flakies.

I like the Pahlish and I’m really curious to see if it works for stamping. If it does it’s a total score. As for the Picture Polish: Wow. Now that’s a magic topper that I love! <3