Saturday, April 18, 2015

Glam Polish ~ KA-BOOM!

Glam Polish ~ KA-BOOM!
Purple linear holo

KA-BOOM! is also from Glam Polish’s spring collection “The Knockout Collection”, just like BAM! that I showed you yesterday.

I can pretty much copy my post from yesterday too, because:
Formula :  is good. 
The polish :  applies easily. 
I used :  my regular basecoat and didn’t experience any dragging or bald spots. 
It’s : quite opaque but it does require two coats for full opacity. 
The drying time :  is good.
See? That went well, don’t you think? :D

I got a ray of sunshine today, yay. Here’s two coats and no topcoat:

This picture is taken with flash. I love the rainbows so much.

Here’s the mandatory low light picture. The colour is still beautiful!

I did my nail art with a third polish from the Knockout Collection: BANG! There’s a pattern in which polishes I use for the nail art, so try and guess which polish I’m going to show you tomorrow… :D

Sunshine picture including a layer of topcoat:

Isn’t this just gorgeous!? I love it!

Low light picture which shows the simple row of dots down the middle. I like this simplicity a lot.

KA-BOOM! is also a winner for me. I love purples, and it’s a huge bonus if they’re holographic too. I have nothing bad to report about the formula whatsoever. And don’t worry, I won’t comment on the name! :D

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Good
Finish: Linear holo
Overall impression: Great polish!!
Buy again: Yes

I bought my KA-BOOM! from Edgy Polish
You can find more info on Edgy Polish’s Facebook page, link here.


  1. Oh wow this is gorgeous and looks great with the pink too :-)

    1. Thank you, I'm glad to hear you like it too :)

  2. On my nails as we speak - and I also love it to bits <3

    1. That's great, and I'm not surprised :)

  3. aaahhh... another winner!!! I just can't get enough of Glam Polish!

    1. I agree, although I think she should slow down a bit with new collections now. :)

  4. It's a gorgeous colour, like each of this brands actually :D