Saturday, July 18, 2015

Red/black/white Watermarble

Red/black/white Watermarble
Morgan Taylor, Savina, Herôme and El Corazón

I’m trying to learn all the secrets of water marbling. Today I wanted to make a mani that was red, white and black. Here’s how that ended out:

The polishes I used:
Red: Morgan Taylor’s Wonder Woman
White: Savina’s Fantasy Files
Black: Herôme’s Montenegro
Holo glitter topper: El Corazón’s 421h/25 Large Hologram

Here they are:

 What I learned today:

  • My black was too thick! It refused to spread. I have thinned it now.
  • Red doesn’t turn out red on the nails. I’ve got a white base underneath it, and it turned out pink. I will try with other reds – perhaps a red crème is better than a red shimmer.
  • El Corazón’s topper pulls on the design. Note to self: Next time use a topcoat before you add the holo goodness.
  • Be patient. If the pattern doesn’t look quite right in the glass, it won’t look quite right on the nails either.
  • Have lots of cotton buds available, along with acetone and old newspapers. It’s a messy affair!


  1. Oh well live and learn! It was a good thought though.

    1. True that. And I am not done with these three colours! :)

  2. LOL I love following you learning curve, and you made me laugh and think of Eddie Skoller "What did you learn in school today" :D

    1. HAHAHAHA! That's great!
      I hope to learn a little bit each time and hopefully one day I can say: I nailed it! :D