Wednesday, September 20, 2017

CND Creative Play ~ Orange You Curious

CND Creative Play ~ Orange You Curious
Orange shimmer

I love a good orange polish! What does it take for an orange to be good? To me it needs to be clear and bright and non-Autumn-y.

I used two easy coats for my manicure. The drying time was rather slow.

I added a couple of flower studs to the base of my nails. I stuck them in a layer of topcoat.

Here’s my final manicure including a layer of topcoat.

And this is what the polish looks like on its own. It’s two coats and no topcoat on this picture.

Here are the things I used. I don’t use these studs very often because shapes and colours are mixed in the container and it’s such a hassle to get them sorted out.

I like this orange a lot.

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Slow
Finish: Shimmer
Overall impression: Great colour and quality, not impressed with the drying time
Buy again: Yes


  1. This is a lovely orange, so bright and vibrant and the shimmer give it a nice glow!

  2. The studs you used are perfectly combined with the wonderful orange nail polish! It is marvelous! Smuack

    1. You are always such a sweetheart, thank you ♥

  3. Laranjas não me agradam muito, mas acho bacana suas misturas.

    >>blog Usei Hoje<<

    1. I didn't like orange much when I started this polish hobby but I have really grown to like it a lot :)