Friday, September 22, 2017

Sinful, Revlon and Wycon in a dry marble manicure

Sinful, Revlon and Wycon in a dry marble manicure
Magenta, purple and silver holo glitter

Today’s manicure is an attempt to practice my dry marble skills. I would also like to water marble more, but the big advantage of dry marble is that you can use glitter as well; and I love glitter!

I used these three polishes:

Sinful Colors: Real Regal, which is a beautiful magenta shimmer
Revlon: Showtime, a dark shimmery purple
Wycon: #25, a mix of silver and holo glitter in various sizes

I ended up with this manicure:

I really like these colours together. Plus I was very careful when I cut the polish to fit the nails, in order to make clean up easier. That worked quite well today!

This is how the dry marble looked before I cut it into nail sized bits and attached it to my nails.

Here are the three pretty sisters I used. I love all three of them!

I think this turned out really well – I am so pleased with the result. I hope you like it too! :)