Saturday, September 23, 2017

Essence ~ Princess Jasmines Choice and Glamaxy far far away

Essence ~ Princess Jasmines Choice and Glamaxy far far away
Burgundy and colour shifting flakie

A friend bought Princess Jasmines Choice for me for my birthday. I love getting polishes for my birthday – it’s always cool to see what people chose for me. Sometimes I receive a polish I’ve already got. I don’t mind that at all – because if I have already got it, then it’s because I like it.

I used two coats of Princess Jasmines Choice. The drying time was good. The polish has a finish that makes it a bit brush stroke-y but I don’t mind that. It’s not very often people get that close to my nails that they would actually notice.

I applied a layer of Glamaxy Far, Far Away, which is a colour shifting flakie that shifts between green, blue and orange.

I made stripes down my middle finger nail with Betty Boop’s Glam and added a large star with iridescent stones on my ring finger nail.

This is the final manicure including topcoat:

I took this picture in my lightbox in order to show the colour shift of the flakies.

And here’s Princess Jasmines Choice on its own. Two coats and no topcoat, the photo is taken in the morning sun. That shows the brush strokes quite a bit – way more than you see them in real life. There are also some little bits of “grit” in the polish. It’s not air bubbles – I could actually feel the little bumps on the nail. I have no idea what they are.

Here are the three polishes lined up for a group photo.

Princess Jasmines Choice is a pretty polish. It’s easy to apply and with good drying time. I’m puzzled about the “grit”. Glamazy Far, Far Away is a beautiful flakie topper! And Betty Boop is always a hit here. I bought this particular bottle on a holiday in Turkey a while ago.

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Really good
Finish: Frosty look
Overall impression: Nice colour and finish. A bit brush stroke-y but I don’t mind
Buy again: Yes


  1. Well, I have mixed feelings about this Essence - not exactly my taste...

  2. It is a nice manicure sweetheart! Happy birthday! :*
    A big hug!!!

  3. Very nice, I am loving the nail decorations! I really like the flakies too. I miss being able to see the new Essence collections :(

    1. I am so happy that Essence finally made it here, and that I'm able to get my hands on them without leaving the country :) Why can't you see them anymore?

  4. Very pretty, those flakies look amazing!