Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Essence ~ Hip Girls wear Blue Jeans collection

Essence ~ Hip Girls wear Blue Jeans collection
02 Cute but Cool
Nude with pink shimmer

Today I’m going to show you the entire recent Hip Girls Wear Blue Jeans collection. There are four polishes in the collection:

01 Start the blue Rebellion – a dark denim blue shimmer
02 Cute But Cool – Nude with pink shimmer
03 Show me what you Got! – Rose pink crème
04 Don’t by Shy! – Pastel blue crème

I used the nude as my base colour. It behaves like a true diva. It is streaky and really difficult to apply so it looks nice. I managed to make it cover in two coats but I would definitely use a third coat if I should wear this on its own. I didn’t wear it on its own though: I made flowers and dots with the three other polishes in the collection.

I topped it all with a layer of El Corazón’s holo flakie topper 421h/25. It killed the shimmer effect from the base colour, which wasn’t my intention, but never mind!

Let me show you the final manicure already:

I must admit that I really like this. The photos are taken in the morning sunshine.

This is two coats of Cute but Cool on its own. I hardly ever wear nudes but I must admit that I really like this one on me. The shimmer is really awesome.

Here is the entire collection and the stepsister:

This is a really cool little collection to a really good price.

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Good
Finish: Shimmer
Overall impression: Cute but Cool is a diva and not easy to work with. I love it anyway because the shimmer is amazing
Buy again: Yes to all