Monday, September 25, 2017

Essence ~ 04 Don’t Be Shy! and 01 Start the Blue Rebellion!

Essence ~ 04 Don’t Be Shy! and 01 Start the Blue Rebellion!
Pastel blue crème and denim blue shimmer

Today’s polishes are both from the recent Hip Girls Wear Blue Jeans collection. There are four polishes in the collection and I bought all four of them. Today I’m wearing the two first.

I used the pastel blue as my base colour. It’s very easy to work with and it covered perfectly in two coats. The drying time is really good. Thumbs up for that polish, it’s really a winner.

Let me show you the final manicure already:

I stamped with the denim blue: Start the Blue Rebellion. It’s so great when ordinary polishes stamp! The design is from Infinity Nails-©97. There’s also a layer of topcoat to protect the design.

I almost forgot to mention that there’s also glitter involved – in case you hadn’t noticed it yourself. It’s “Quite Interesting” from LynBDesigns. That’s a clear base packed with microglitter and various shapes of glitter in purple, green, iridescent and blue. I applied one coat of the pretty glitter over the pale blue – here’s what that looked like:

And here’s Don’t Be Shy! on its own. Two coats. It dries up to a silky matte finish, and - It Dries fast. That’s all she wrote.

Here are the polishes and the stamping plate I used. I am considering to sell some of my Infinity Nails stamping plates, since I hardly ever use them. It’s a shame that they just sit there when there’s nothing wrong with them!

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Really good
Finish: Pearly matte
Overall impression: Great polishes both of them. I would be surprised if the pale blue stamps too
Buy again: Yes to both


  1. What a great manicure!it is so elegant and that essence stamps so well!!

    1. Thank you! I was impressed by the stamping too :)

  2. Oh the nail art is stunning, it looks really great!

  3. Beautiful shade ...looks lovely with stamping

  4. Wow this is so so pretty, I love how the glitter pops out from the pattern, just lovely!