Saturday, September 30, 2017

Colors by Llarowe ~ Love and Madness

Colors by Llarowe ~ Love and Madness
Burgundy shimmer with colour shifting flakies

Love and Madness has been sitting in the box of untrieds for a very long time. It came out in 2014 as a part of the Mysterious Vanishing Pigments Collection. It was a collection of eight polishes which all were limited edition because the pigment used is no longer available.

The formula is good and the polish covered in two coats. The drying time was good too.

I paired it with another polish from the unmentionable box. It’s a glitter from Vapid Lacquer called Rainbow’s End. I received it in a swap from a girl who thought it was fun to send me polishes that had the name “Rainbow” in them – because of my blogname. I think it is funny too, and I appreciate the effort. The reason that Rainbow’s End has been sitting in the box for so long is that the glitter is golden – and I don’t really wear golden glitters or shades that often. But never mind – it’s a beautiful glitter, and it’s not the glitter’s fault that I like silver better! :D

This is the final manicure including topcoat:

The same thing taken in the lightbox.

Here’s two coats of Love and madness in the lightbox. There’s no topcoat involved yet. Look at the pretty flakies!

This is the same thing, just in daylight on an overcast day.

The two polishes:

Love and Madness has a brown tone to it, and I don’t usually like brown polishes. But I must admit that this colour goes really well with my skin tone.
It was limited edition as I wrote earlier on, and I’ll definitely keep this polish. 

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Pretty good
Finish: Flakies
Overall impression: Good quality, nice flakies
Buy again: Yes, I probably would