Monday, July 7, 2014

Pipe Dream Polish ~ Electric Soul

Pipe Dream Polish ~ Electric Soul
Blurple base with various colours of microflakies and microglitter

I’ve been RAOK’d!! RAOK mean Random Act Of Kindness and it means that somebody does something for you for no other reason than because they want to! Sounds pretty cool, no?

So Maria sent me four polishes because she knew I’d enjoy them. And she’s absolutely right, I will!

Today I’ll show you Electric Soul from Pipe Dream Polish. Application was super easy and the coverage was good. I used two relatively fast drying coats for this mani, and I finished with a layer of topcoat. Here’s what Electric Soul looks like:

I love the little flecks, they look fantastic!

The fact that the flecks and the shimmer has a different colour than the base colour makes this really cool.

I made a diagonal line of dots on each nail using Sephora’s Formula X: “Freaky like Freud”. 

And here is my final mani – photographed with one of my rings:

I was over the moon to receive such a cool polish from Maria! She made some cool swatches of this polish too – you should definitely check her post about it out too – it’s right here!

Thank you SO much Maria! That was really sweet of you!

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Good
Finish: Various colours of microflakies and flecks
Overall impression: Fantastic colour with a great mix of flakies and flecks!
Buy again: Yes

If you want this polish and you don’t know someone who will send it to you as a RAOK, you can buy it in Edgy Polish’s webshop right here.


  1. I like this nail polish, it has a pretty shade :)

  2. I'm so happy you liked them my friend - and I love your swatches <3

    1. Thank you, that was such a nice gesture <3

  3. Wow that's so nice of Maria! :-)

    It's looks really good :-)

  4. Wow it's stunning! What a great polish and it's always nice to be RAOK’d :)

    1. I felt totally pampered - it was almost like Christmas eve :)

  5. Fantastic mani and the ring! ;)