Friday, August 4, 2017

Beauty Big Bang nail stickers

Beauty Big Bang nail stickers

Today I'm wearing nail stickers. They come on a sheet with 108 stickers. The stickers look like this:

I was curious about the stickers because nails aren’t one size. I have relatively small and short nails so I was prepared to do a lot of trimming of the stickers. It wasn’t as bad as expected though.

I painted my nails and when the polish was dry, I applied the stickers one by one. They almost fit in the width but they were way too long for my nails.

Let me show you the final result, including topcoat:

The stickers were easy to lift off the sheet and also easy to place. So far, so good.

They tended to wrinkle a bit though, which especially shows on my ring finger. Another layer of topcoat didn’t solve the problem.

Another thing was the trimming. I didn’t trim the first sticker to size. I thought I would dissolve the excess sticker with acetone but that didn’t work at all! I had to trim it down with a pair of scissors while it was on the nail, which definitely isn’t easy. Tip: Trim to size before you place it on the nail!


  1. It looks lovely:) and it must be fun to do reviwes :)

  2. It looks lovely:) and it must be fun to do reviwes :)

    1. It is! It's the most fun when you really like the product :)

  3. To tell you the truth, I prefer the nail polish than the stickers ;)

  4. That's a shame they wrinkle, besides that they look great! :)

  5. The patterns are really pretty. I think you are right that they would work nicely on light colors :)