Friday, August 4, 2017

Beauty Big Bang nail stickers

Beauty Big Bang nail stickers

You may already have seen that I was contacted by Beauty Big Bang, which is a web store that sells all kinds of stuff for nails and nail art. I decided to say yes to do a few reviews for them.

Today’s item is nail stickers. They come on a sheet with 108 stickers. The stickers look like this and they are listed here.

I was curious about the stickers because nails aren’t one size. I have relatively small and short nails so I was prepared to do a lot of trimming of the stickers. It wasn’t as bad as expected though.

I painted my nails and when the polish was dry, I applied the stickers one by one. They almost fit in the width but they were way too long for my nails.

Let me show you the final result, including topcoat:

The stickers were easy to lift off the sheet and also easy to place. So far, so good.

They tended to wrinkle a bit though, which especially shows on my ring finger. Another layer of topcoat didn’t solve the problem.

Another thing was the trimming. I didn’t trim the first sticker to size. I thought I would dissolve the excess sticker with acetone but that didn’t work at all! I had to trim it down with a pair of scissors while it was on the nail, which definitely isn’t easy. Tip: Trim to size before you place it on the nail!

The verdict:

Good on pale colours or naked nails
Easy to peel off the sheet and place on the nails
Lots of stickers on a sheet

Wrinkles on the nails
Doesn’t really work on darker colours of polish as you can see
You have to cut to size before placing

BeautyBigBang has got free worldwide shipping, and is offering my readers a 10% discount. All you have to do is to use the code RBWM10 when you check out. 


  1. It looks lovely:) and it must be fun to do reviwes :)

  2. It looks lovely:) and it must be fun to do reviwes :)

    1. It is! It's the most fun when you really like the product :)

  3. To tell you the truth, I prefer the nail polish than the stickers ;)

    1. It's Wibo number 533, a really lovely blue :)

  4. That's a shame they wrinkle, besides that they look great! :)

  5. The patterns are really pretty. I think you are right that they would work nicely on light colors :)