Monday, August 14, 2017

Disney Frozen: Nail Polish Trio

Disney Frozen: Nail Polish Trio
Dark pink and purple crème, iridescent glitter. Water based.

I sometimes buy polish if the bottles are special looking. If they’re skull shaped, or something interesting like that. I also bought today’s polishes because I like the bottles. They have got little glittery crowns as their tops. The package also contains two toe separators, shaped as a little crown. 

The polish is water based and peelable.

Here’s what the box looks like:

And here are the three polishes.

I haven’t got any experience with water based nail polishes but the first thing I notice is that it smells differently. It smells like a very mild glue. Not a bad smell or a toxic smell, just glue.

I apply two coats of each colour on my nails. The pink is easier to work with than the purple. The purple drags a little bit so I have to be more careful when I apply it. The drying time is okay, pretty average and the polish turns darker as it dries, so you can always see where you are in the drying process.

Then I applied a layer of the iridescent glitter. That had a horrible formula. It was a stringy, gloopy mess that refused to stick to the already applied, but now dry polish. It didn’t end up pretty, I did my best though! The drying time was almost non-existent, as in: It refused to dry! Argh!

I didn’t want to apply a fast drying topcoat over it because I didn’t want any of that gloopy mess in my topcoat, so here’s a picture of the “final” mani in daylight. You can see how gloopy the glitter is on the picture.

Here’s a picture of the same thing in my lightbox.

I am all for making products with less chemicals for kids. But it’s a problem if we end up with unusable products like this one. Yeah, nah.

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Average for the crèmes, the glitter didn’t dry at all
Finish: crème and glitter
Overall impression: Cheap polishes, poor quality
Buy again: Yes but only for the bottles, not for the polish


  1. The colors are pretty, a shame the glitter didn't work out.

    1. It was the glitter who was the bad apple here. The other two worked okay :)

  2. They look really cute! This is such a shame, I've also discovered similar disasters when it comes to child-friendly nail polish. Its never exactly child-friendly if its a never drying gloopy mess ^^' They also have less patience for dry time then us adults!

    1. Exactly! If they could make a non-toxic fast dry topcoat it would be ideel! :)

  3. These are cute! I am sure I bought polishes like this because of the cute bottles! :-D