Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Depend ~ Across the Universe #5062 Milky Way

Depend ~ Across the Universe #5062 Milky Way
Green metallic shimmer

The polish I used as my base colour is from Depend’s “Across the Universe” collection. It was a collection of 8 polishes, and they were all blue/green/teal except for one, which was golden (which a green sheen). I love this collection, they’re all beautiful.

The formula is great and I could easily have got away with one single coat. I did use two though because that’s how I usually roll.

When that was dry I added a wide stripe of silver holo polish down the middle of each nail, leaving the edges as they were – I used Color Club’s “Break it Up” for that.  

I repeated that step with a narrower stripe, a gorgeous Pink shimmer, also from Color Club: “Right On”.

I added one more step: A narrow stripe of white glitter, right down the middle of everything. I used a third Color Club for that: “Something New”.

I completed the manicure with a layer of fast drying topcoat.

Here’s what it ended up looking like.

I like the colour scheme of this, it’s very funky!

Here are the four pretty polishes I used today: A metallic, a shimmer, a holo and a glitter. I love them all!

Number of coats: 2, but 1 is enough
Drying time: Good
Finish: Metallic shimmer
Overall impression: Great little polish
Buy again: Yes

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