Thursday, April 24, 2014

A England ~ Rosebower

A England ~ Rosebower
Red scattered holo

I seriously don’t know why I hardly ever pull out an A England polish from my stash. I mean, all the ones I’ve got are gorgeous colours and finishes.

Let me show you an example: Rosebower. It’s from the Burne-Jones Dream Collection from late summer 2013. It’s red and it’s gorgeous, I kid you not!

Application was a dream and so was the coverage. It covered in one single coat! Drying time was good too, in fact, I don’t have any problems to report at all!

Let me show you the prettiness on my nails. Here, sweet ladies, is one coat and no topcoat:

Is that amazing or what? these two first pics are taken with flash:

Here’s what Rosebower looks like in lower light and without flash:

I love this red that leans towards fuchsia!

I had stamping in mind (surprise!!). I used a plate from Bundlemonster called BM-423 together with Color Club’s ‘Beyond’, a beautiful black holo, as my stamping polish. Here’s what it ended up looking like in a flash pic:

And another one. It’s the first time I have chevrons on my nails and I love them!

Here’s the low light picture:

I think I should wear my A Englands more often, don’t you?

Number of coats: 1
Drying time: Fast
Durability: Good
Finish: Scattered holo, sooo beautiful!
Overall impression: Fantastic polish, I love all aspects of it!
Buy again: Yes

You can buy A England polishes from Edgypolish. They ship worldwide. 

You can find more info on Edgy Polish’s Facebook page, link here.