Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mentality ~ Pastille

Mentality ~ Pastille
Aqua blue linear holo

Next Mentality polish up is Pastille. I must have a thing with this shade of blue because I keep finding myself buying them. I don’t think I have a holo in this particular shade though.

Anyway, application was really easy, I have no problems to report at all. It may sound a bit weird when I say that it surprised me, but that’s because the polish is described as a jelly, and jellies and I don’t work very well together as a rule. But this one behaved. I used three coats for this mani. I do believe that two would have been enough, but I wanted to make sure that the sharp eye of the camera didn’t pick up things that weren’t visible in real life. The drying time between the coats was pretty average.

Here’s what three coats and no topcoat look like in a flash picture:

And from a slightly different angle to show off the rainbows.

Here’s what Pastille looks like in low lights. It’s still pretty in my opinion.

I made some simple lines on it. I used a purple and a blue striper and made two stripes on each nail. I topped it with a layer of Ellagee’s topcoat Glass, and here the final mani taken with flash:

Here’s your low light picture:

Oh yes, I like this! I wasn’t thrilled over the three coats, but like I said: Two would probably have been enough. The colour is really pretty and the holo is gorgeous. I wouldn’t have minded a stronger holo effect, but then again, it’s hard for me to get enough holo! :D


  1. It looks love on you, but it's a bit to teal-ish for me - I love the stripes you added!

  2. I really liked it with stripes too :)