Monday, April 7, 2014

Glittering Elements ~ Rose Thorn

Glittering Elements ~ Rose Thorn
Dusky pink holo

Here’s another Glittering Elements polish. It’s pink and it’s holographic! It sounds good already, doesn’t it!

The formula is great, no problems to report at all. It takes two coats to achieve desired opacity, and the drying time between the coats is fast. And girl, this polish is beautiful!

Take a look at two coats, no topcoat, picture taken with flash:

oooooh, I like that holo goodness!

This is a really interesting finish – it’s like a mix between linear and scattered holo.

Here is a low light picture. It’s still a cool colour!

I stamped on it! I found some rose motifs on two different stamping plates: The XL plate “H” and an old Essence plate. I stamped with a black no name stamping polish. I applied a layer of Ellagee’s Glass topcoat and here’s the final mani taken with flash:

And a low light picture:

I like this so much more than I imagined I would. The polish is pretty in low lights, and it’s amazing in the sunshine. Polished thumbs up from me!!


  1. I am so jelous of your holos!!! :D

  2. OMG - it has my name on it, written all over - it's gorgeous!