Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mentality ~ Hard Candy

Mentality ~ Hard Candy
Purple holo

My last Mentality for today is Hard Candy, a lovely purple holo. A girl can never have too many purple holos, right?

Application was a breeze, no dramas to report in that department! Drying time is average, and the pigmentation is good. Since this is listed as a jelly, I had expected it to be a three coater, but two was enough to make me happy! And this is a really nice purple! Take a look at what two coats and no topcoat looks like:

It looks as if it is a mix between a linear and a scattered holo to me. The polish glows from within and I really like that.

I am still working on my hand poses! :D

And here’s a low light picture. It’s a tad dusty, but it’s still a really nice looking purple.

I made a couple of stripes on each nail. I used Zoya’s Zuza, which is a really lovely teal/blue with shimmer. I can’t wait to wear that on its own! I topped it with a layer of topcoat and here’s the final mani:

Here are the pretty sisters in crime:

If you’re a fan of holos and purples, then Hard Candy is probably your thing. I know I like it a lot! And I am so pleased that I paired Hard Candy with Zuza because they look fabulous together!


  1. I agree, a girl can never have too many purple holos, or too many purple polsihes...;-) This is one so sweet. ;-)

  2. I like how it looks on you, but it's too grey-toned/dusty for me. The Zoya looks great on it!

  3. Mentality is one of my favorite brands. So why don't I that love purple have this polish??