Saturday, April 26, 2014

Kiko Dark Heroin Laser Collection - swatches

Kiko Dark Heroin Laser Collection ~ #432, 433, 434 and 435

I’m really fond of Kiko’s polishes. They’re great quality at reasonable prices. Until recently it’s been a bit hard to get them without having a mule. But that has changed, because Kiko has decided to ship to Denmark! Woohoo!!

So allow me to show you the four polishes in the Laser collection from winter 2013.

First one up is #432, Fluent Red. It’s a lovely, shimmery red. The formula is great and pigmentation is even greater. Drying time is average.

This, sweet ladies, is one coat, and no topcoat:

Is that sweet as sugar and gorgeous or what?

I really love this red!

Next one up is #433, Gothic Purple. It’s a duochrome that shifts between deep eggplant purple and dark green. Application was really easy and this is also a one coater. Here’s what it looks like when it shows its purple side:

And here’s more of the dark green.

Here’s a pic that shows the colourshift pretty well.

Third one up is #434, Psychedelic Blue. That’s a beautiful vibrant blue with a gorgeous shimmer. Same great formula, same great coverage.
One coat, dear ladies, and no topcoat:

It’s quite shiny in itself, isn’t it!

This could easily turn into a favourite blue!

Last one up is #435 Venom Teal, a dark teal with turquoise shimmer. The bottle suggests that it’s a teal to purple duochrome, but that doesn’t show up on the nails at all. 

The formula is great and again, I only had to apply one coat to make it look fantastic. Take a look at how pretty it is:

I’m usually a bit suspicious about polishes with a blackened base, but the turquoise shimmer really makes the teal pop in the prettiest way possible.

I’m impressed!

Overall impression:
Kiko did a great job with this collection. I should mention that there are two more polishes in the Laser collection, namely #431 Sensual Candy, which is a light frosty pink and #436 Strong Chocolate, which is a dark brown with copper shimmer. Neither of them spoke to me in any language I wanted to learn, but the rest of the collection is so me, and I don’t regret buying a single one of them. Great formula, great pigmentation and great colours. They all have average drying time, and they’re all one coaters.

The collection was limited edition and is now discontinued.

Number of coats: 1
Drying time: Average
Finish: Beautiful shimmers/duochrome
Overall impression: Fantastic quality, great colours, great polishes!
Buy again: Yes


  1. WOW, I wish I had gotten some of these - especially the red!
    And yes, it's wonderful that they ship to Denmark too now!!

    1. I have a second order coming up, hopefully next week, or the week after. They're not exactly fast :)

  2. They're all beautiful, but I think I love #432 the most. :-)

  3. All of them are beutiful, but of course #434 attracts me the most :D

    1. I am not surprised that you look twice at the blue one :D